Professional Software Engineer /Freelancer/Developer/Entrepreneur/Tech Enthusiast

I am professional Software Engineer freelancer .I am giving this services for school, college university assignment, Lab, project, exam, quiz ,remove errors, fix bugs & Also doing software company,agencies profession project also .

⭐Python ⭐JAVA⭐Android ⭐JavaScript⭐Ruby⭐HTML
⭐SQL⭐Swift⭐Database⭐Computer Network⭐CCNA
⭐Algorithom⭐All kinds of IT work
Any technology services we can provide

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Mafuj Shikder

Mafuj Shikder

Java Devloper◆Spring Boot◆Microservices ◆Rest Api ◆Spring Security ◆Jsp ◆Servlet ◆Android ◆Spring Mvc ◆Docker◆ ORM ◆Hibernate at Knocktechbd